MAY 24TH, 2017

My story starts as a 5th grader under the piping hot Georgia sun. In honor of the 1996 Olympics held in Atlanta, my elementary school decided that they would host their own “Track and Field Olympic style event” for the entire school. I was selected to jump hurdles-I have no idea why they picked me because until that point I had never seen a hurdle much less jump over one. As race started I had a pretty good lead and as I was approaching my first jump-I fell. This wasn’t your typical fall! I scrapped up my hands & knees, chipped a tooth, and was bleeding. I was down on the ground for a couple of seconds and in… continue


MAY 24TH, 2017

I am the only woman, the only woman raised by a single father in a house full of males. What does that mean for me? That means that I got tough. I played a lot of sports and I learned how to speak my mind. But it also meant that I was different. I can go to school and become a nurse, but never a doctor. I could go to school and be a legal aid, but never a lawyer. I could go to school and be a secretary, but never a CEO. And at that time, I didn’t fight this logic. I didn’t think twice about it, because I wanted to make a difference. One time, I called… continue

“Some of the photographs suggest an untold story that gives you a spine shiver.”