Dear Jimmy,

You and I became brothers during the last four or five months of your life. You knew that you were dying of cancer. You were in Duke Hospital and we spent a few nights every week together.

We had many moments.

The very best moment though was when you said,

“I’m gonna die, but I’m gonna win.”

I asked you, “What do you mean?”

And you said, “I want to beat cancer. After I die, when we’ve finally beat cancer I want to be there.”

I was with you when you died. And I never looked at our relationship as having a last moment. I always looked forward to the next moment.

I don’t remember the last thing I said to you, Jimmy.

And the reason I don’t is because I thought you would live forever.

Love your friend,


About the Partnership

The V Foundation, Duke Men’s Basketball and Dear World will release a tribute video from Coach Mike Krzyzewski to his friend Jim Valvano in honor of Jimmy V Week, 2016.

The video and Coach’s accompanying “Dear Jimmy V” letter will be shared via each organization’s social media platforms during Jimmy V Week, around Duke’s matchup with Florida in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden.

Each of the past two seasons while working with Dear World, Coach K invites his players to take a portrait and to tell a story behind it. Coach K says Dear World “has nothing to do with basketball, but everything to do with basketball” because it’s a way to build trust between teammates.
Coach K’s Dear World portrait, “Pursue Moments” sparked a story about his last moments with Jim Valvano. “To hear Coach K talk about his last moments with Jimmy V was something I“ll never forget,” Dear World founder Robert X. Fogarty says. “Valvano’s life was gift to all of us.”

“We’re thrilled to share Jim Valvano’s legacy through the lens of one of our very special founding board members, Mike Krzyzewski,” said Sherrie Mazur, Vice President of Communications for the V Foundation for Cancer Research. “Dear Jimmy V exemplifies the power of friendship and the “don’t give up” spirit through two of the most notable coaches of all time.”

People who are inspired by the video are encouraged to write in their own memories of Jim Valvano using #DearJimmyV on social media.

Individuals are encouraged to use http://www.jimmyv.org as a place to contribute to the foundation’s efforts.